InBetween 4.2 SR 1 – the new functions

New InBetween Release 4.2 is now available!

The new service release of our Dynamic Publishing Software – InBetween 4.2 – is officially available.
The new version will make it even easier to create InBetween templates in InDesign: Take advantage of the possibility of assigning data queries directly in InDesign.
New formats for the automated creation of flipping books or for output as an interactive PDF offer more choices and flexibility. At the same time the process is faster than ever before: an enhanced PDF renderer as well as a new Image Pre-caching function guarantee real-time feeling for your on demand document generation with approximately 1 second! A new updating architecture helps speed up access rates.
Additionally, a new function for splitting up documents improves clarity due to smaller, easier to edit documents or chapters. The new REST-based web service interface completes the new version InBetween 4.2.

Data assignments for Templates in the DTP Client

The possibility of creating InBetween templates directly in the familiar InDesign environment has already been available since the launch of InBetween 4.1. What is new with 4.2 is the option of making use of the InBetween library in InDesign, allowing you to assign queries as the data source for your layout elements via simple drag & drop. This enables you to fully create and modify templates in InDesign without the need for additional steps in the InBetween project editor. You will, of course, still be able to import your template into the project editor in order to use them for all other output formats and applications, e.g. web or mobile.

Automated Generation of Flipping Books

With the new possibility of an automated creation of flipping books from InBetween your online books will already feel like real e-books: interactive elements such as videos, zoom or links to e-shops are already included. It is equally possible to include notes, side notes, as well as bookmarks. A full-text search will lead you quickly to the desired results. Flipping books can be used for web, mobile as well as offline.

For creating flipping books two optional formats are available: HTML5 or flash, while deployment should be directly on the webserver. The InBetween flipping book is based on FlipViewerXPress and can be personalized.

New output format: Interactive PDF

The new option of creating interactive PDFs directly from InBetween runs alongside all other PDF variants. You can use the familiar Adobe InDesign output settings to integrate animations, page transitions and links and also to define image compression and resolution. The output format interactive PDF is supported for both client and server-sided generation of documents.

Enhanced PDF-Renderer

Verbesserter PDF-Renderer

The possibility of an automated generation of PDFs as well as HiRes-PDFs is a great thing whenever you want to produce simple price lists or a lot of datasheets. With our new enhanced PDF renderer included in the latest InBetween version 4.2 the generation will happen at lightning speed – at least 50% faster than ever before.

Image Pre-Caching


InBetween Cache is a useful feature if your generated documents need to be accessed more than once or by several different people, and should be available in a flash for the second time. This method now works also for your images! Take advantage of the InBetween Cache by uploading all your images before triggering a generation. As soon as you press the button to create your document including the images, they will be immediately available and the entire process will only take about a second!

New web services interface

The new web services interface is based on the REST standard and offers a more mordern IT architecture. The SOAP interface will still be available in the first instance.

Splitting of documents

Would you sometime like to split up comprehensive documents into several smaller documents – individual chapters, pages or posters – but still be able to generate the complete work in one single pass? With our new function this is now possible without difficulty. The split points can be set in a very flexible manner.

New Updating Architecture

Mac OS X 10.10

Up from the version 4.2 all updating information will only be stored in one place. This is done to reduce file size and to makes access rates many times faster.

Support of DTP Software

Mac OS X 10.10

InBetween 4.2 supports Adobe InDesign CC 2017 and QuarkXPress 2016.

Further information

The new version is immediately available to all customers with a valid maintenance contract and can be downloaded from our InBetween forum. You will find the updated version of our documentation as well as release notes for InBetween 4.2. The InBetweenFORUM can be found at