InBetween 4.3 – the new functions

New InBetween Release 4.3 is now available!

The new release of our Dynamic Publishing Software – InBetween 4.3 – is officially available.
The new InBetween version 4.3 supports distributed publishing processes even better than ever before. If you would like to let your agency or graphics department create selected pages – e.g. when individual images, specifically designated for your catalogues, are being produced in a photoshooting – you would obviously like to keep these finished pages unchanged and integrate them in your otherwise fully or partially automated publication. With the new release 4.3 this becomes child’s play. All finished pages can simply be integrated right from the start and remain unchanged as static InDesign or PDF pages, while the rest of your catalogue or brochure will be created and updated dynamically as usual. The possibility to automatically integrate QR codes provides you with a seamless link between your print and online media. Thanks to the new function LDAP integration your InBetween server can in future also handle verification of user data, whenever a user logs in to the InBetween server or a client. The full VPN support ensures that all web based InBetween modules and the DTP client work together optimally in virtual networks. With the new REST interface there are now a lot more options for connecting to your database and for specific data and image queries for your publications.

Integration of static InDesign pages

With the new version InBetween 4.3 manually created InDesign pages or PDF documents can now much more easily be integrated in all your publications that are otherwise supposed to be created automatically. The integrated static InDesign pages can consist of one or several pages. Simply create a new master page in your page planning and place it in your overall publication. While the finished InDesign page will be used ‚as is‘, InBetween generates all other pages as usual entirely based on your data.

Static master pages with the PublicationBuilder

Just like for an automated generation with the new software version you can now also integrate static InDesign or PDF pages in the web based PublicationBuilder designed for partially automated publications.

Via an ‚upload‘ button static master pages can be directly integrated into any project in the PublicationBuilder: Simply select the InDesign or PDF document in your linked folder you wish to use as a master page.

Automated creation of QR codes

Linking of print and online made easy: Take advantage of this new InBetween function for the automated creation and integration of QR codes in your publications. Conversion of any text into a QR code is possible by placing a frame of the type “QR code” in the desired template. The contained value for conversion into a QR code can either be a static value or even a dynamically generated value via a data query for the generation of your document.

New REST interface

With the new REST interface it is now also possible to connect to your data source in this way and to perform data and image queries for the generation of your documents in addition to the standard XML, CSV or data base procedure.

LDAP integration

In addition to the traditional user administration in the InBetween Admin with the new version it is now equally possible to create a connection to your LDAP service: If a user has been marked as an LDAP user, the InBetween server will not save a password but will turn directly to the LDAP service for verification of the login details whenever the user logs into the server or a client. This serves to avoid duplicate storage of your data.

It is of course still possible to set up independent users in addition to your LDAP users. There is no difference with respect to the user rights, and user groups can still be assigned in the InBetween Admin.

Full VPN support for DTP Client and web based modules

With InBetween 4.3 the software provides full support for secure data transfer between clients and server via VPN. Especially for distributed locations with the need to communicate across different networks it has now become very easy to create fixed IP addresses in order to be able to map all kinds of scenarios for distributed publication processes with the InBetween DTP Client, Publisher or PublicationBuilder.

Full support for QXP2017

The latest InBetween version 4.3 fully supports the most recent QuarkXpress version QXP2017.

Further information

The new version is immediately available to all customers with a valid maintenance contract and can be downloaded from our InBetween forum. You will find the updated version of our documentation as well as release notes for InBetween 4.3. The InBetweenFORUM can be found at

In case you are not yet registered, please do so by using your real name (first name second name).

In case you require assistance with the installation InBetween 4.3 please get in touch with our support team via the support request form on our website.